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EDMI Mk6 Class 0.5s

The Mk6 (Genius) revenue meter is a revolutionary new design combining the versatility of scripting and power quality measurement in an economical meter for the deregulated market. It is available as a whole current (100A) meter or a CT connected unit (1A or 5A). Each meter is capable of four-quadrant measurement of one three-phase load.

EDMI Mk6 Key Features

·         Four Quadrant Energy Measurement

·         Time of Use

·         Load Profile

·         Pulse Inputs / Outputs

·         CT or Whole Current

·         High Accuracy

·         Remote Reading

·         Flexible and Fully Customizable

·         Tamper Detection

·         Waveform Capture

·         Sag and Swell Analysis

·         Quality of Supply


EDMI Mk6 Basic Specs



Nominal: 57 to 240V (Phase to Neutral)
Min. to Max.: 45 to 290V

Burden: < 10 VA / phase @ Vn (3 Phase)

              (As per IEC62053-61)


Auxiliary Supply: 110 V (others available on special order)



Nominal:               1 A (C.T.)      5 A (C.T.)        10 A (W.C.)

Range Standard: 0.05A-1.2A    0.25A-6A         1A-100A

Range Extended: 0.05A-4A      0.25A-20A

Short Time Over-Current: 20 times the Imax for 0.5 second

Starting Current Burden:  < 0.10% of In (Ib for WC)
                                                  <0.5 VA / phase


Measurement Modes: Single Phase (3 circuits)
                                         3 Phase 3 Wire
                                         3 Phase 4 Wire


Pulse Outputs: Voltage, Current, Pulse Width, Polarity

Pulse Inputs: Voltage, S0

Temperature Range: Operating   -10oC to + 60oC

                                        Storage      -40oC to + 85oC


Time Keeping: Accuracy(internal) ±30 sec / month

     Backup Time 2 years without power

     Backup Type Lithium Battery


Data Storage: FlashRAM, indefinite storage period.Battery Backed Up RAM

(configuration and TOU Load Survey)


Communications: Local FLAGTM(IEC1107), OPTICOM.Isolated RS485 or RS232. EziPort.




  • IEC 60687 for Class 0.5s
  • IEC 61286 for Reactive Energy.
  • IEC 1107 for communications protocol


Tamper Detection:

  • Phase voltage outage recording with data and time stamp of each event.
  • Total power outage recording with date and time.
  • CT short/open alarms and recording.
  • Calculate energy accurately irrespective of the phase sequence Reversal
  • Reverse energy alarms and recording.

The meter can record energy in “absolute value”, Import and Export registers for Total and each phase. i.e. Logging the energy for kWh and kvarh in forward direction even one or more phases are reversed.



  • The Software should be supplied and able to read and program the meter in an easy way.
  • Meter data security with different levels of accessing using user name and password.
  • All the functions are fully programmed from the software by the utility.
  • The Software should has menus & can generate Reports


Technical Specifications:

  • The meter and the software should be able to do a Supply Quality (i.e. Waveform Capture, Harmonics Analysis up to the 50th harmonic, and Sag/Surge Analysis.
  • The meters can do a summation process for kWh & kvarh throw pulse input and pulse output without the needs of external summator, and shown at LCD screen
  • The meter firmware should be able to be upgraded on site.



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