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QT-200 Ultimate PCB repair and diagnostic system

QT200 is a very powerful Mixed Signal In-Circuit Functional Test system capable of testing Digital, Analog & Mixed devices in-circuit and Out-circuit. QT200 employs Two Techniques namely ICFT (In-Circuit Functional Test) and QSM VI (Qmax Signature Method) for determining the faults in the PCBs. ICFT & QSM Coupled with a Powerful Microsoft Windows based test software QT200 makes troubleshooting and testing a fun!


QT200 is capable of testing ICs up to a maximum of 96 Digital Channels, 96 QSM VI Channels, and 3 True Analog Channels multiplexed to any of 96 channels. With these capabilities Qmax QT200 becomes a very powerful test tool not only for troubleshooting, but also for PCB functional testing at the card edge level.


Powerful Features:

- Vast Functional Test Library (digital/analog) of more than 21,000 Devices.

- Test method: In-circuit Functional Test (ICFT) and QSM VI.

- QSM VI Signature method for testing ASICs / Hybrids & Discretes

- Power ON true In-circuit Functional Test for both Digital and Analog Devices.

- Test logic families: TTL/CMOS/ECL/EIA/LSI/Linear Memory

- Powerful QSM VI Technique for improved coverage when the function of the device is not known.

- Automatic & very accurate Pass / Fail analysis for the device under test.

- In-circuit IC identify feature for house coded ICs and ICs with their number erased

- Automatic internal pull-up/pull-down resistors for multi-block devices “open collector and ECL devices” testing, for saving time when testing these devices.  

- Functional testing without need for learning from known good board or circuit diagram using Digital Simulators and Analog evaluation Software.

- On-Line Simulation makes accurate testing of sequential devices possible even when their Reset pins are disabled in In-Circuit conditions.

- In-circuit Resistance, Capacitance and voltage measurement capability.

- Powerful logic waveform display window for failure confirmation.

- Loop test to isolate intermittently failing devices.

- Powerful Board Learning/Comparing mode for improved repair of faulty boards.

- Versatile Clip Status Display with voltage / dynamic impedance / label display

- Comprehensive Data Display on demand for the device under test. 

- Qmax Visual Work Station Diagnostic & Test software provides comprehensive analysis display.

- Circuit Tracer Software for schematic generation / reverse engineering applications (Optional).

- IDDE software for easy Device Test Program Generation & card edge testing. (Optional)

- PIII 800MHz 128 Ram Host computer can be upgraded when required.

- DEF 0053/1 compliance for the safe operating limits on backdriving. 

- Russian Device Library (Optional)


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